workers have been trained in the training centers of the ICAO Institute (since 2003)
Course Content
Course content can be divided into Knowledge Development and Skills Development topics. 88%
General teaching approach
Mediator Skills training courses should be participatory, interactive and learner focused. 84%
Providing Feedback
Training programmes must provide opportunities for feedback to participants. 93%
Performance Assessment and Accreditation
Assessments could be recorded and assessed afterwards, although live assessments are generally more advisable 87%

The Institute is named after the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which was established to ensure the effective and regular development of the global air transport system as well as the development of regulatory framework for safety in aviation.

The first steps of cooperation between the National Aviation University (NAU) and ICAO began in the 80’s, when seminars and workshops were conducted at the NAU under the auspices of this organization.

The University participated in the implementation of ICAO programs: specialists training, recurrent training of military pilots, development and translation of ICAO materials.

In 1996, the ICAO European Regional Aviation Security Training Center was established at the National Aviation University due to its reputation all over the world. The Center received an international certificate which permits to conduct training of all aviation personnel categories employed by aviation companies in the area of aviation security.

In 2002, the National Aviation University opened the ICAO European Regional Training Center for state inspectors involved in flight safety and airworthiness.

The both centers implement the ICAO methodology using the Standards and Recommended Practices. Specialists training is carried out in accordance with the module system in Russian and English languages in Ukraine and other countries. The training is performed by highly qualified, ICAO certified and experienced experts.

To ensure the coordination of aviation safety training and recurrent training, the ICAO Institute was established in the National Aviation University in 2003. The Institute includes the ICAO European Regional Aviation Security Training Center and the European Regional Government Safety Inspectors Training Center, as well as national training centers.

National Training Centre «Aviation English» provides training and testing of flight crew members and Aviation English raters/examiners.

Recurrent training and upgrading training of various specialists are conducted at the National Center for Aviation Safety.

Professor Galyna Suslova was the director of the ICAO Training Institute, ICAO expert, national coordinator of the ICAO standards implementation in Ukraine.

Since 2003, about 20,5 thousand employees of aviation administrations, airlines, airports, aviation enterprises, flying clubs and aviation educational establishments from Ukraine and 77 countries of the world have been trained and retrained in the training centers. The high prestige of the ICAO Training Institute is confirmed by the constant increase in the number of students and scope of activities. In 2012, the international certificates were issued to more than 2,000 aviation experts from 34 countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Iraq, Ireland, Jordan, Spain, Kazakhstan, Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Sweden and Estonia.

The effective business relations between the Institute and ICAO were extremely successful in carrying out a large number of joint activities on aviation safety issues at the international level. Among these measures the World Congress «Aviation in XXI century», International and European regional seminars on the new format flight plan (FPL), on the implementation of a mechanism of continuous monitoring of aviation safety, and on air traffic safety, and training courses under the auspices ICAO.

The ICAO Training Institute effectively cooperates with the aviation administrations of many countries regarding the regionalization of international training programs and recognition of national aviation specialists training programs based on the implementation of best practices.

In 2012, the ICAO European Regional Training Center (NAU) received a certificate of the European Civil Aviation Conference and was included in the network of training centers of the North European region.